Exhibition Launch - Cape Town, May 2018

Exhibition at 91 Loop Street, 3 May 2018 at First Thursdays

Raven ArtWear is pleased to announce the exhibition launch of our fashion and art collection.

We take art out of the gallery into everyday life, consequently making art accessible to people outside of the traditional gallery setting. Our innovative marketplace combines art and fashion. The aim being to provide artists with a faster moving platform for art sales. Our brand launches with an exhibition in Cape Town at First Thursdays.

Each clothing item is a unique and once off collectable piece of art. Our artists create artworks from individually sourced items of top quality leather (and soon a denim, animal free range). Controversial imagery and themes in artworks are very much encouraged and embraced by our brand.*

“Our mission is to be an independent company that is uncensored and unapologetic, and to give artists the tools to exceed their limitations. To be a platform that has the potential for international recognition, and to help promote local, South African artists.”

– Jacob Macfarlane – Founder, Raven ArtWear

Rich in cultural diversity, South Africa has a vast wealth of creativity. Creativity which has flourished in the arts of music, dance, theatre, design, visual art and fashion. Art with themes that draw from unique South African experiences. Our country is one of the few that has a creative well that blends these provocative themes together.

Raven ArtWear is a creative fashion label. Our brand offers unique collectable items of wearable art. We represent a range of artists from well established artists, emerging/student artists and community art projects.

*At Raven ArtWear we do not permit the following subject matter: – Artworks that depict graphic pornography, ultra violence or discrimination of any kind (homophobia, racism, etc).

Raven ArtWear Media Release [For Immediate Release – 12 April 2018]


Jacob – Founder

Sam – Marketing

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