Being a Milenil Entreprenur in Cape Town

Starting a business is truly one of the most terrifying things I have ever done, especially since through school and university I was reminded about how many businesses fail in the South African market and why its better to become an intern for a few years in a company that offers all the benefits of slavery (including the previously mentioned unpaid internship) aside the possibility of planting a garden hoe into your task masters back when they’re not looking. Yes like many of my peers who when asked “what are you doing next year” we just stare off into the distance for an uncomfortable moment and lament on the possibilities of selling organs in order to continue to buy R25 coffees before answering “no idea, maybe get an internship”, then sigh and once again go back to day dreaming about Richard Branson asking you to take over a new chain of Virgin Caribbean holiday islands. In these moments I was more sure then ever I wanted to start a business and to an extent become the mater of my own destiny. What may likely be a very unsure and fruitless  destiny but continuously telling yourself that  “you will be happier then in an internship”, even if you you have to still tell yourself that eating your 5th boiled egg of the day while driving your 1991 Chrysler Neon to a meeting with a Cafe where they ask you if they can get part of a jacket to display their logo at the fraction of the price.

Yes there are a few new hurdles that young business people have to face that previos generations have not needed to think of. Not all these hurdles are bad, in fact some of these hurdles are basically spring boards that if used properly won’t rocket you into a tree, instantly breaking your neck and that’s if your lucky! The springs of this analogy have other far worse fates for those who land in the internet personality sector. I say this because the internet is a recent creation and much like anything that has been pumped with the equivalent of a Russian athlete injecting horse steroids into their eyeballs has mutated into the modern Cyonobal monstrosity that it is now. “Be afraid of millennial’s” is something I hear often in my E marketing class. They are more critical then previous generations and as a millennial myself I can adhere to that. The internet doesn’t forget and any business that is trying to utilize it will be relentlessly mocked for all eternity if they do not get it right by commiting the worst of offense of them all, being “cringe”

The internet open’s up an entire world for people like me who are working in a small market. Cape Town is a small market by most standards despite its high international profile around the world and high rate of tourist traffic. It has a comparatively small population with a disposable income which means that selling art or luxury items will require patience . I say patience because a luxury brand needs time to make a name for itself before  it can justify its premium prices. The way I decided to try get around this was to attempt something that had not really been done before. While people have been painting leather jackets ever since they have been able to remove skin to drape over themselves it has never had a brand attached that has multiple artists contributing.

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