Tristan Night

Contemporary Fine Artist

Night has devoted a significant portion of his life to the creative profession, following his passion for drawing into the competitive spaces of reputable institutions focused on Fine Arts. He has acquired much repute for his unique illustrative style, his portraiture, and his story-telling ability; ranging in final product from traditional to digital, and 2D to 3D narratives.

Combined with his depth of creative insight, he has grown renown as an artist on commission, and has been passionately active, gaining experience and developing since 2014.

The ‘Wearable Art’ collaboration of recent, made possible by Raven Artwear, has provided the platform to see 4 original artworks completed for this project so far. 

“I cannot wait to show everyone what other ‘one of a kind’ collectibles I’d like to make come true.I enjoy seeing the connection that sparks up between humans and pieces of my art. I want to share and experience it more, everywhere, across the world; I want to keep evolving, and travelling with my talents.” – T. Night.