Lili Ming

“I went along like someone in a dream”

Since out the womb – the world of creative arts became a means of expressing the seemingly intangible aspects of my angsty existence. I learnt very quickly that it is a valuable tool in not only continually exploring and finding parts of myself but also expressing what matters to me in a way that is hopefully relatable to the objective other.

I am a creative through and through, I unwittingly spend every day immersing myself in various artistic forms as a means of cultivating and feeding my soul. Creative expression is an intrinsic part of who I am as a person. In High school I was advised against taking Art and Music together because of the magnanimity of work required from both and yet the combination became my salvation. I graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Undergraduate degree majoring in film and philosophy and then I went on to study a Higher Certificate of Animation at SAE institute. In between and amidst studies I’ve worked on various film sets, done graphic design and fine art commissions, created a custom Demin jacket design line and I am constantly pursuing my passions in photography and film making. 

As an artist, I aspire to be able to inspire others and discover, deconstruct and recreate the alluring and yet neglected ethereal beauty of life. My visual eye has often been described as somewhat esoteric. I always find myself attempting to capture the strikingly complex essence/soul of the individuals I cross paths with. I am drawn to the overlooked and lurking nature of existence – things that are so easily ignored in our mundane routines. Art, for me, has and will always be a means of connecting with others, a sort of spiritual communion.