Jekyll & Hide Collaboration

We have participated in the first major collaboration between Raven Artwear and the high profile company, Jekyll and Hide. Jekyll and Hide has some of the nicest canvases the artists at Raven Artwear have worked on which include two wallets, two backpacks, two leather jackets and a moonbag.

The leather itself is of incredible quality and the designs of the products are some of the most aesthetic and functional on the market, making each item a real pleasure to work with. While each artist was enthusiastic in working with the piece they where given, they each had different experiences and different challenges.

These challenges where presented in the forms of working on the contours of their specific piece, and interpreting the theme they where given. Abstract is one of the most difficult themes to work with because there are so many different ways to interpret the art movement. Each piece that was produced was in its own way a unique interpretation of Jekyll & Hide’s vision for the artwork and each artist created something distinctive.

We also created a few time lapses of the artists working on the items to illustrate the process and experience of working on the pieces. These dynamic videos gives a visual representation of a true work of art in progress. Each one of these pieces for Jekyll & Hide are once-off experiences and the videos really illustrate that.

The items will be available as part of their unique once off line . Links below will be provided directed to the video of the artists talking about the Jekyll & Hide products and how they are going to work with them.

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