Up-cycled Leather Bags Now Available

The time has finally arrived that we unveil our line of up-cycled leather bags.

Every line of up-cycled bags will come in a set and to start this off we are starting with “What Inspires You About Africa?”. This theme encapsulates what it means to be an African artist. Every piece of this theme gives the impression of the personal experiences of the artist and their process. I chose this theme because one of the major points of this brand is that it’s proudly African. Some of the most inspiring things I have ever seen have been in South Africa.

All the bags we make are hand made by local tailors, giving them work and keeping production African rather then outsourcing. The producers of the bags are themselves artists in their own rights. They use the means at their disposal to make up-cycled leather bags. The material used for the up-cycled bags is sourced by hand selecting leather off-cuts from furniture outlets and stripping old couches. This means that the leather is coming from a sustainable source. It also means that the up-cycled bags are made from the finest leather available in the market.

The themes that the artists are given are totally in their hands to interpret. When working with up-cycled leather bags they have a smaller surface area to work on which pushes the artists to be more detailed and creative when painting their theme.

The bags will come in theme lines much like prints. For example the “What Inspires You About Africa” line is out of 10. Once those 10 bags sell that will be the end of the line. This will be indicated on their label.

“What Inspires You Ab Africa?”

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