Hi, I'm Jacob

Owner, photographer, salesman, talent scout, product buyer, agent and web developer for Raven Artwear

I am very passionate about fashion, art. and upliftment The goal of my company Raven Artwear is to create mainstream appeal for contemporary art on clothing.

Raven’s are incredible birds, when they find something that they find interesting no matter what it is they will treasure it beyond reason. This is the philosophy of myself and my company. Every piece that we produce is totally unique and in a world of mass production its very important to have fashion that not only represents you but is also a legitimate piece of fine artwork.

Artwear simply translated is wearable art, but it’s also a promise. That all the creators I work with are legitimate artists, who make true master pieces that are not just pieces of clothing, they are creative experiences.

At Raven Artwear We Have Three Priorities

One - Every Piece Is A Unique Artistic Statement

Every item Raven Artwear produces once-off unique pieces that are never replicated by the brand.

Two - We Develop and Support Talented Artists

At Raven Artwear we have developed a platform for all artists to make an additional income from their talents. There are only two requirements, talent and enthusiasm

Three - All Products By Raven Artwear are Up-cycled

At Raven Artwear all leather jackets have been salvaged and bags have been made from leather offcuts. We believe that instead of further diminishing the worlds resources that art pieces can be up-cycled instead.