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It’s not just fashion

Raven Artwear is the world’s first company to combine elements of traditional fine art to modern fashion, clothing and accessories. 

Each item provided by the company comes with the guarentee that it is a totally unique, once off item that will never be replicated.

Every item for sale has been individually created through a genuine experience. The artists that create the pieces go through a rigorous process that leads to a work of artwear.  

Artists and their creations

The Raven Artwear brand gives the artists working for the brand the opportunity to make money at a higher rate then by traditional means and to market themselves through the brand. 

Raven Artwear also works with charity groups that help alleviate disenfranchised township youth.

Artists have full licence in creating their artwork. This allows the artists to crate genuine unique pieces that have no outside influence.


Raven Artwear is a proudly African brand which taps into the vast well of creativity that the continent  has to offer to give customers a trendy African experience.