Untitled Hand Painted Leather Jacket by Chelsea Horn

R3,000.00 R2,500.00


Untitled Hand Painted Leather Jacket by Chelsea Horn

R3,000.00 R2,500.00


Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Chelsea Horn

Title – Untitled

Leather type – Cowhide

Style – Biker

Paint – Water based acrylic

Approximate size –Men’s large


Excerpt from the artist – “In my art, I like to explore body image and physical barriers. How do we carry ourselves in a crowd? How do we interact? Do we limit ourselves from certain adventures and opportunities based on our own appearance? Do we project our insecurities onto those who love us? These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am about to start a project.

In this piece, there is a woman who is lying, naked, in a plane of existence. There are only stars in the background, as if she is floating in space at one with the universe. Her journey starts here. Her body language tells the story of her journey. In the bottom left, she sits upright, almost guarded. Her body language is communicating her discomfort. As time goes on she becomes more comfortable within herself, until in her final form at the top right, she is relaxed and open. She is leaning back and at ease.
Her journey is one of self-acceptance as she begins to find comfort in the physical vessel which she occupies.”

The theme of a body being painted on leather ironically corresponds with the material itself. Using skin of an animal for warmth is a primal thing that has been utilized throughout human history and the depiction of flesh on flesh pays homage to the original animal that gave up its skin in the first place.
The leather jacket is made of thick cow hide designed for a biker to take impact down to the hips. Chelsea has used this theme of masculinity to depict the feminine form.

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