HEAVY DUTY #2 by Falko One


HEAVY DUTY #2 by Falko One



Hand spray painted leather jacket by the world renowned Cape Town artist Falko One

Title – HEAVY DUTY #2

Leather type – Italian cow nappa

Condition – Perfect

Style – Bomber Leather Jacket

Paint – Metallic spray paint

Approximate size – Men’s Large


The above piece was appropriately named by Faklo because he noticed how heavy the jackets were while at the same time imagining the weight of the elephants that he spray-painted. The title also conveys the undertaking of the task and the meaning behind the elephants depicted. According to recent census, we may be experiencing the last few years of elephants being on this earth. With a massive spike in poaching since 2012 the population of elephants has dropped significantly due to the value of their ivory. The ivory is used to create intricate artwork but at the expense of the life of one of the most magnificent creatures to ever exist and possibly will ever exist.

The painting of these two jackets in a statement against the needless killing of these magnificent creatures because the leather itself is second-hand which means that the animal didn’t have to die for this artwork to exist. This painting is done on an Italian soft cow nappa in tanned brown and is a militarily A2 bomber jacket.

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