Conversation Piece by Hope Lancaster


Conversation Piece by Hope Lancaster



Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Hope Lancaster

Title – Conversation Piece

Leather type – cow nappa

Condition – Some discoloration

Style – MA1 bomber

Paint – Water based acrylics

Approximate size – Medium


Exert from the artist “A ‘conversation piece’ is a genre of European portrait painting from the eighteenth century. These paintings depicted informal groupings of people in interiors or garden settings. The map print on the inside of the jacket resonates with the period in which this genre was popularized.
In my painting, the empty Lazy Boy chairs are a response to this genre and what it represents. The leather substrate of the jacket resonates with material of the chairs.”

The jacket that the artist has chosen to work on is an experimental M1A flying jacket, named for being an unorthodox style designed to draw attention and create conversation. The artwork is an ode to creating conversation about the ordinary and strange alike.