Toxic Culture by Naomi Buissinne


Toxic Culture by Naomi Buissinne



Hand painted post modern artwork leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Naomi Buissinne.

Title – Toxic Culture

Leather type – Italian cowhide

Style – Barn-stormer

Paint – Water based acrylic

Approximate size – Men’s medium


Naomi’s Toxic Culture is a post-modernist interpretation of consumerism and the perception of youth on capitalism. The image is one of the busiest that the company has received, and the chaos of the clashing themes highlights how modern media present a warped version of culture to its audience.

The lips on the back of the jacket clinging onto the cut diamond represents the modern perception of wealth, it can be likened to many emerging celebrities on online platforms showing off their wealth to young impressionable consumers who are lead to believe that what people can show off to others is an indication of their personal worth. This theme is consistent along the jacket as people who try to interpret modern media usually come away with confusion and less understanding of the chaotic world they live in.

The coat the painting is done on is a rare aviator barnstormer made in Italy of the finest full grain cowhide. The coat itself would be chaotic without the painting on it however the various themes compliment the cut and design of the coat.

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