Hawkmoth by Only Mpofu


Hawkmoth by Only Mpofu



Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Only Mpofu

Title – Hawkmoth

Leather type – Soft cow napper

Condition – Perfect

Style – Festival Leather Jacket

Paint – Water based acrylic

Approximate size – Large


One of the most distinctive images of death and decay is that of the Hawkmoth. The most perplexing image that comes to mind when viewing this odd insect is the prominent skull that stands out as part of the moth’s pattern. When people see this they instantly are reminded of their inevitable mortality. This is not the only thing that people can imagine when viewing the Hawkmoth. While feeling a sense of looming dread the viewer can also feel a sense of serene due to the heavy connotations of rebirth, because what comes from death and decay is new life and so the cycle continues much like the bafflement of the moth’s existence.

The jacket itself is one of the sportiest designs as it was originally intended as a festival jacket. The playful design is a polar opposite to the symbolism of the artists creation.

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