Reverie Leather Portrait by Pierre Issa

R4,000.00 R3,000.00


Reverie Leather Portrait by Pierre Issa

R4,000.00 R3,000.00


Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Pierre Issa

Title – Reverie

Leather type – All-American cow hide

Condition – Good with some scuffs

Style – A2 Bomber

Paint – Water based acrylic

Approximate size –Medium


Exert from the artist “With this piece I attempted to evoke the ghostlike quality of a forgotten dream or a distant memory, visible, but not quite there – sort of fading away. Conceptually this links to and tries to reinforce the idea presented in my other piece of reclaiming a mindset buried deep in our past, moving away from the egocentric values of modern society and back toward a long-forgotten mode of being.”
The jacket Pierre assigned to work on is an A2B utility bomber jacket.

The jacket was designed for rough work-wear mainly in airfields and much like Pierre’s idea of fading many of the workplaces that used to outfit people with lifelong leather jackets are now replaced by cheaper alternative nylon jackets.

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