Luscious by Sam Haupt

R5,000.00 R3,200.00


Luscious by Sam Haupt

R5,000.00 R3,200.00


Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Sam Haupt

Title – Luscious

Leather type – Italian leather

Condition – Perfect

Style – Blazer

Paint – Water based acrylics

Approximate size – Women’s Small


This piece depicts a postmodern, intergalactic, sexy depiction of the artists imagination. The artist wanted to make the artwork as graphic as possible to draw the attention of the viewers and capture their imagination to help take them on a journey through time and space. The jacket was painted on an unworn pink leather jacket in a striking color that is very rare because the dying process takes longer. The jacket original Barbie Doll style of the jacket is a contrast to the surreal painting that the artist has depicted.

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