Abducted by Savanah Curry


Abducted by Savanah Curry



Hand painted leather jacket by the Cape Town artist Savanah Curry

Title – Abducted

Leather type – soft cow nappa

Condition – Good condition

Style – A2 bomber

Paint – Water based acrylics

Approximate size – Large


This piece appropriately titled draws inspiration from trance and science fiction culture. The vibrant imagery is an homage to 80’s culture and modern medias influence from the time in series such as Stranger Things or the new Thor Ragnarok movie. The painting has a duality in its imagery as well as his meaning, the right side shows the human association of extra-terrestrial life while the left side shows a below skin deep anatomy of the alien about the supposed dissection of the Grays (aliens) in area 51.

The painting is done on soft cow nappa and the jacket is a baggy A2 design. The jacket is an aviation style which draws comparisons to the classic unidentified flying object references.

Artist –